Binary Deep

Keep an eye on your Droplets on the go.

Do you know what the current status of all your Digital Ocean Droplets is right now?

Binary Deep is a utility app that allows you to get a quick and complete overview of the current state of your Droplets. Do you find something not in order? Simply open up an SSH console or restart the droplet.

Features and Pro Tips:

  • Slide to reboot, power cycle, shutdown or power off/on.
  • Protect potentially destructive actions with a secure passphrase.
  • Triple tap to open an SSH connection.*
  • Press and hold to copy the IP address.

* Requires a ssh-protocol compatible app, like Prompt or iSSH


Does Binary Deep support Digital Ocean API v2?

Yes. Actually, we only support API v2 starting with version 1.4. Users who are on a previous version (1.3.x or earlier) will still be using API v1 for as long as Digital Ocean keeps it available.

To use all features of Binary Deep you'll need to create a read/write Personal Access Token under Apps & API in your Digital Ocean Control Panel.

I have a feature request!

Awesome! Get in touch with us and we'll see what we can do for the next release.

When will Binary Deep 2 be released?

Binary Deep is side project and I have not set a strict release date. With the release of API v2 by Digital Ocean a lot more things became possible. I'm currently in the process of re-designing Binary Deep v2, adding more awesome features while keeping the beautiful design you've come to love.

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